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Inorganic Coatings

1. Characteristics of New Coating Material (SaniCoat®)

  • SaniCoat®

    : Eco-friendly Ultra-Hydrophilic Inorganic Coating Material with Corrosion Resistance and Sanitizing Power

  • Ultra-Hydrophilic :

    Anti-Fouling & Easy Cleaning

  • The contact angle of water is about 10° (Water droplets are not formed.)

  • No contaminants on the surface and also the adhered contaminants can be easily removed only by water

  • Excellent Corrosion Resistance :


  • Anti-corrosion effect in acid & alkali solution as well as sea water

  • Eco-Friendliness of Materials :

    No Harmful (Safe for Human)

  • Use water as a solvent

  • Composed by natural inorganic materials

  • Highly Anti-Microorganism :

    Powerful Sanitizing (Anti-Biofouling)

  • Using inorganic disinfectant material (G•Sol®) registered by US FDA

  • Kill various bacteria and virus

2. Comparison SaniCoat® with Others

SaniCoat® Fluor polymer Enamel Organic/Inorganic
Hybrid Ceramic
Contact Angle Under 15o
Over 90º
(Water Repellent)
under 80º
under 90º
Sanitizing Power Over 99.9% No No No
Durability No changes for
long time – Long lasting
Gloss and color change No changes with time,
but rust occurs due
to cracks
No changes with time,
but gloss and color
may change
Smoothness Excellent Good Poor Fair
Washability Easy wash with water Need special solvent
to wash
Need solvent to wash Need solvent to wash
Chemical Resistance No changes by strong
acid and alkali
Weak chemical
No changes by
acid and alkali
Vulnerable to alkali
Sintering Temperature ~ 200℃ 230 ~ 280℃ 650 ~ 900℃ 180 ~ 250℃
(Pencil Hardness)
Over 9H Over 1H Over 9H Below 1H

3. Application Fields of SaniCoat®






Under Coating

Under Coating



Ship & Marine Parts

Heat Exchanger

Heat Exchanger

Metallic Filter

Metallic Filter



Ballast Water <br> Treatment System

Ballast Water
Treatment System

Marine Structures<br> (Pipes & Tanks)

Marine Structures
(Pipes & Tanks)

4. Business Models of SaniCoat®

Bulk Solution

  • Sales bulk solution

  • Coating methods transfer

Coating Treatment (Solution + Service)

  • Coating service using our coating facility

Final Product Manufacturing

  • Making coated product (ex. Coated Filter)