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Thank you for visiting our website. I'm IL HOON CHO, CEO and president
of GP&E Co., Ltd. I'm pretty much pleased to meet shareholders and customers in our website.

GP&E(Global Project & Engineering) Co., Ltd. was founded as a venture company which produces equipment and goods in the semiconductor(HICs, thermolabels, ESD supplies), anti-viral (G · SOL®) and inorganic coatings (SaniCoat®) sector based on fusion technologies{ET+BT+NT}, such as environment technology, biotechnology and nano technology in January 2002. And GP&E Co., Ltd. has steadily grown thus far, leaping to an expert which leads a specified environment-friendly company in the future, human and real life today.

We, GP&E Co., Ltd. will not be content with the current reality and will continuously strive to take off to a global excellent company which seeks prosperity in parallel with the world's first-class enterprises based on a management principle of customer satisfaction, innovation and global management, which are accompanied by honesty, healthfulness and creativity at the same time.
Thank you very much.

CEO & President